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Custom Precast

Kon Kast has been making custom products since 1969 and will continue to try and satisfy their customers with innovative designs and solutions for their precast needs. The following are some examples of the many precast items we have manufactured over the years to suit specific applications :

  • Inlet and Outfall Structures (up to 10,000 kg.)
  • Pipe Anchors of all shapes and sizes
  • Structural Beams : Smelter Process
  • Supports for Hollow Core Cell: Smelter Process
  • Custom Box Manholes for Airport Taxi Way Projects
  • Subdivision Entrance Signs
  • Transformer and Switchgear Slabs

Our many years of experience allow us to provide crucial input and guidance with respect to design considerations. Please contact us if we can assist you with any custom precast concrete requirements.



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